Tinta Roja Comedy Club (in English)

Vie. 10 de mayo - 20:00

Apertura de puertas 19:30

5€ con reserva, 8€ en taquilla

Monólogos cómicos, Comedia

Welcome to the new comedy club in town at the mythical bar-cabaret Tinta Roja!

In a 1950s red atmosphere, take a cocktail or grab a beer, and enjoy the greatest English-speaking stand up comedians in Barcelona!

Delight yourself with 6 artists on Thursday a month at 8pm.

Hosted by Darren Cullen.


On the 11th of January: The two idiots behind Fat Goose (Best of Brighton Fringe 2023) present Fat Goose Goes Halves.

A stand-up comedy split hour featuring
Darren Cullen & Ewan May. It’s genuinely going to be funny.

Darren is an actor, comedian and award winning writer from London who has performed in theatres all over Europe. He is known for his unique observations and roasting of all things, but mostly himself.
He was a Funniest FICER Finalist in 2023 and can be seen regularly on the Roast Battle scene.

Ewan is a master of alternative comedy and general all round foolishness. He's performed around Europe delighting audiences with his absurd humour and ridiculous sketches. Ewan would like it to be known that he has a girlfriend and was a Funniest FICER Finalist in 2022 & 2023.

So he technically lost twice. Darren only lost once. Not that it matters.

We highly recommend you BUY YOUR TICKET NOW!

¿Cómo llegar?

Metro: Poble Sec o Paral-lel

C/ Creu dels Molers, 17
08004 Barcelona

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C/ Creu dels Molers, 17, 08004 Barcelona
Metro Poble-Sec

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